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A little about our High Point Ready mission…

Our goal at High Point Ready is to bring quality products to your doorstep that give you more time to ride and give you more confidence to reach your showing goals.  Ride with confidence knowing that each products we send you is researched extensively by people who love and show horses. 

Meet the Founder

I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember.  I started taking riding lessons at age seven and was fortunate enough to have some family friends that let me lease and show their horses in 4-H throughout my youth years.  Later on I was lucky to meet some great people in the APHA industry and got to continue my love affair with riding and showing.  In 2014 I reached a goal I had only dreamed of and became the APHA amateur rookie of the year, sixth on the top twenty list and second in my zone.  With numerous high points along the way I learned so much that year.  

The entire time I tried to soak up as much knowledge and tips on anything horse related.  I loved finding the right product that would make the white brighter on my 50/50 tobiano that never met a mud puddle he didn’t love and finding the right bands that could contain his super thick mane!  Throughout the years of loving and getting to show horses I discovered many different products that make getting ready to show so much easier. 

Within your box you’ll find great products to help you be ready to show.  From a great linement to the perfect scarf to complete your outfit you’ll find it all in the High Point Ready box. When you find those products that work well you can be more confident and focus on what matters, making sure you’re High Point Ready.  I created this box to help everyone from beginners to World Champions discover different or new products to make show prep that much easier.  So sign up to receive our monthly box and become part of the High Point Ready crew to make sure you and your horse are High Point Ready!

Jackie Hook, Founder