What's Inside?

When you show the all around we know you're pulled in many directions.  Each month we mail you a variety of products to help free up your time, give you more confidence in your gear and let you focus on what really matters showing.

  • Leg protection
  • Recovery products
  • Quality leather tack
  • Wellness products
  • Show ring essentials
  • and so much more!

Products you'll actually use

Everything we include in our boxes are items that people that show horses actually use not just items for people that love horses.


Some tried and true along with some new

As we all know there are tried and true products that will stand the test of time. We know and trust many and are sure to include them in our boxes.  There are also people out there innovating and creating new products to solve old problems and we're excited to share with you some of those products that you never you needed.  They'll soon become the ones you can't live without!


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